Monday, December 3, 2012

Moth to Light

I am drawn in like
a moth to the light.
I know it is beautiful,
warm and mesmerizing.
I know it will burn me
or zap me, destroy me,
but I can't stay away.
I am programmed somehow,
stronger than self-preservation,
deeper than rational thought,
is this driving force,
pulling me in.
I am drawn to the Church,
like a moth to the light.
I believe so much more
than what the Church has,
but I believe so much
of what the Church is.
I can't delete Joseph Smith,
or forget the First Vision,
I can't stop believing
that I am a child of God.
I know families are forever,
and that my Savior lives.
The songs and the scriptures,
the stories and prophets,
feelings and memories
of the love I once felt
all live in my soul and
I can't purge them out.
I believe in free agency,
that we all have a choice.
I believe there are many paths
leading to Paradise.
I believe the road is wide, and
the door is open.
But for me,
I can find no other way.
I can't get around this Church.
It is the light,
and I am the moth.
I want to soar on freedom's wing,
and feel the cool night air,
but I can't escape the light.
I know it will consume me;
I know it will destroy me.
I am drawn in like
a moth to the light.